The concept of e-juice and e-cigars are quite revolutionary in the field of cigarettes and the arena of smokers. The whole world found the concept a little disturbing as they didn’t know how far it will work. But now we are too much into the idea of technology that people have started preferring e-cigarettes to the normal ones. When we talk about e-cigarettes, there is one thing that you cannot skip, and that is e-juice. So here we will talk about the e-cigarettes and the different components that are used in the preparation.

What is e-juice?

So this gives us the need to tell you the conversion of normal cigarettes to electronic ones. Instead of trolling cigarettes with smoking and other addictive components, the electronic cigarettes are nothing but a device that uses a storage facility to contain a liquid. This liquid that is present inside the e-cigar is called the e-juice(, and that is then converted into the vapor that people consume. In between this process, there is something called a vaporizer that converts this liquid into vapor by a suspension. It can turn both liquid and solid components into a gaseous state. That is called the vapor in the e-cigar. The process of inhaling and exhaling this e-cigar is called vaping.

Switch over to e-cigars:

e cigars

Though people were initially hesitant to accept the idea of e-cigars as many people started using it, it became a trend. As a result, a lot of cigarette enthusiasts who can afford it started trying out this e-cigars and started spreading the idea as word of mouth and the concept gradually went global leaving a large number of users. The best part is that many people found e-cigars more convenient than the normal cigars. The literally quit the old fashion and went totally into e-cigars. E-cigars are less addictive in nature. The outcome of that is the best. People realized that they were losing interest in e-cigars too and totally stopped smoking at a point.

Realizing this, many organisations that endorse health and fought against the use of cigars directly or indirectly supported the idea of e-cigars as that can control the use of cigars. The different institutions promoted the concept of e-cigars, and gradually people started using them and the idea spread. The goodness all lies in the components that are used in it, and the components are listed as under.

Components of e-juice:

The major components of e-juice are PG, VG, nicotine and flavoring agents. The PG and VG are the contents that form the base and then the nicotine content is added. The nicotine is the content that triggers the cigarette flavor in it and replaces the same spirit of using a normal cigarette. The best part about these e-juices is that you can make them in a large range of flavor and you can pick the one that you like.